Procedure Fees

Our procedure fee tool provides participants of dental plans insured or administered by MetLife guidance in understanding your dental service providers fees. To find out additional fee information on common procedures in your area, the process is simple… just enter your dental service providers office zip code, then click on the START SEARCH button… that’s all you need!

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Please Note: The information displayed below is not a guarantee of coverage, and a patients eligibility and benefits will only be determined at the time of a claim processed by MetLife. Like most dental benefit plans, MetLife's dental plans contain certain exclusions and limitations. The patient should refer to his/her plan booklet for complete plan details. All claims submitted are subject to MetLife's standard processing guidelines and reviews. In some cases it may be determined that an alternative method of treatment is as appropriate and cost-effective. A pretreatment estimate is recommended before the start of extensive dental treatment.

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The procedure fee displayed can differ if your dental service providers office is located outside the zip code indicated.